Paging Colombo

Despite drooling, snoring and generally being a hot mess throughout my scan week, I lived to tell!

On Friday the hubs and I had the pleasure of meeting with my brand new cancer team. And I have myself a brand new Dr. B. Perhaps I shall call him Dr. B2? Because despite my utter confidence in Dr. B2, no one can replace my beloved, retired Dr. B. Anyway, Dr. B2 took a good look at my Petscan and my brain MRI and good news-my brain appears “normal”. (I know there are quite a few of my friends and family that would beg to differ! Ha.)

The Petscan showed overall stability. Ahh, I never thought I’d be so thankful to be unremarkable! However, it looks like there are a couple of spots we need to investigate. A ct scan is scheduled for early August, we shall see. If it warrants a biopsy then we will go there. For now-I’m staying right here, enjoying some more sweet summertime and nursing my monthly injection side effects.

Naturally-I’ve begun “googling” and that has not been good. So, I’m really going to try to give Dr. Google and Colombo a little hiatus! Dr. B2 has this, I know it.

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