The course

After less than two weeks of tests, tests and maybe just a few more tests, my team is assembling. They are looking good so far, everyone seems confident that the treatment plan will work. We are going to start with a hard chemotherapy regimen that is going to have me sporting a bald dome this summer. On the upside, since I’ve already done this before, I know I have a perfectly rounded dome:) And frankly, the baldness may be more liberating than I realize with my perpetual hot flashes. I shall sport sweet scarves and do-rags-and rock a little street cred.

Dr. G is confident that the remainder of my “lifetime supply” of these chemotherapy agents should be used now. Thank goodness new drugs are always on the horizon.

The course, well the course is going to be rough but I know I can stay on it. Now, my body is a bit older this time around and well, it got banged up by that first course of hard chemo, so I am praying that my body can hold the course as well. We will start next Tuesday, right after Memorial Day. I shall enjoy a weekend with friends and family before signing my summer away to treatment. If you know me, you know you haven’t heard the last of me on summer fun – chemo or no chemo!

Tuesday morning I will have my central line port placed, recover and head down to Dr. G’s office for my first round of chemotherapy. If all goes well we will do 4 rounds of this cocktail every two weeks. The plan is to follow it up with 12 weeks of another chemotherapy weekly. Then potential surgery followed by radiation.

I would be lying if  I didn’t admit I am a bit overwhelmed as I look forward without two of my primary “players”. The last time I did the “hard stuff” I had my dad and my best friend and brother Joe by my side. Their absence is felt every day. I know they would both encourage me to give it what I got. And I am blessed as one of my best friends told me, “Hackett – you still got yourself a team here, the roster has just changed a bit”. Damn good way of saying it!

It’s also daunting to think about my sweet kiddos. They are so much older now. They have seen so much cancer and death at such young ages. I am hoping the hubs and I can provide what they need right now emotionally. They are now just about  9, 10 and  11.

So – here I am ready to take on my new roster. A new oncologist – who by the grace of God found the cancer…although I’d like to think my angels had a hand in that as well:) While I am missing a few players, I have been blessed with incredible friends who are willing to just do what needs to be done. I am so grateful for what I have as I embark on this  journey…again!

Now – I am going to just “pick up my feet” and pray that the chemo works.IMG_0490[1]

One thought on “The course

  1. Hey cuz~ Put me on your roster! I could NOT have made it through my journey without you and I hope to return the favor if you will allow me to! I love you cuz!

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